Valencia came out in second place after an amazing spectacle with nine goals

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The Valencia team came second in the standings after winning a 6: 3 victory in their visit to Betis in the 8th round of the Primera Division. The two teams produced a real show for Benito Vieiyamarin, but the bats proved to be in great shape and recorded their fourth consecutive win and again beat Real Madrid in the standings. Valencia took a four-goal lead but in the closing minutes the guests allowed them to return three in just five minutes. In the end however, moose showed the class and refused the opponent with two new hits. Joffrey Kondogbia (35), Carlos Guedez (45), Rodrigo Moreno (64), Santi Mina (74), Simone Dzazza (88) and Alvaro Pereira (93) scored for the success of the guests. Sevilla was scored by Joel Campbell (79), Antonio Sanarbia (80) and Christian Teyo (84).

Joffrey Kondoibia opened the game in the 35th minute when the corner kicked up and headed the ball into the net for 0: 1. Ten minutes later the guests doubled their lead. First Carlos Soler attempted a distant shot, which was saved by the goalkeeper, but the ball was at the feet of Guesesh, who with a new bomb shot of about 30 meters this time was correct for 0: 2. The hosts had a chance to return to the game in the 55th minute when the Kondogbya played with a hand in the penalty area and the referee pointed the white point. But Sergio Leon`s shot was reflected by Net.

In the 64th minute the result mentioned by profitsoccerpicks became classic after Rodrigo Moreno knocked head to corner from Danny Pareho`s corner. The fourth goal was played by Santi Mina. He gets in the penalty area, fins his direct guard and shoots, after the ricochet the ball transferred the goalie and found himself in the net. Betis, however, managed to score three quick goals with which he returned the intrigue. In the 79th minute, Danny Parejo mistaken a ball, returning unreasonably back, and Joel Campbell took advantage to steal and score for 1: 4. Just a minute later, Antonio Sanarbia was drawn to speed and scored a second goal for the hosts. In the 84th minute, Christian Tayo scored for Sevilli after having mastered the penalty and with a very technical blow in the far corner did not leave a chance to the goalkeeper.

Valencia, however, was tired of the shock and managed to do everything in the end. First in the 88th minute, Simone Dzzedza received a long pass, took hold of his chest and fired a shot at the goal for 3: 5. The final 3: 6 was shaped by Alvaro Pereira in the added time. He got to the border of the penalty area and with a great shot under the beam also recorded his name among the goal scorers. Thus, Valencia collected an asset of 18 points and came out in second place in the standings. Bettis is now 9th with 13 points.



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