Kouttinho and Rakitic destroyed Valencia`s hopes and sent Barca to the final

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The Barcelona team is the second finalist in the Spanish Cup tournament. The Catalans made their way to the defeat against Sevilla after a 2-0 victory over Valencia in the rematch between the two teams in the 1/2 finals. In the first game of Camp Nou, Barca won 1-0 and so a total score of 3:0 continues. The result at the meeting today opened Philippe Coettinho. He appeared in the game as a half-time reserve and with one of his first touches he gave the lead to the guests. In the 82nd minute, however, Ivan Rakitic finished everything with the second goal for his team. The hosts bet on three in an attack in the face of Simone Dzazza, Rodrigo Moreno and Luciano Viento. In the middle of the pitch, Daniel Pareho, Joffrey Kondogbia and Francesc Kocklen acted.

Barca started the match with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez in front. Andres Iniesta and Andre Gomes were on the wings in this match and Sergio Buscquet and Ivan Rakitic moved the game in the middle of the field.

The first more interesting situation in the match was on the hosts` account. In the 6th minute, Kocklen made a distant hit on land, but right in the hands of Jasper Silesian.

In the 9th minute, however, Barca came to the first position in the game. Lionel Messi fired from a foul and accurately directed the ball to the door, but Haume Domenech with a brilliant reflex slaughtered.

In the 14th minute, the hosts were inches from a goal when Rodrigo Moreno`s head shot off the crossbar. Valencia continued to act quite aggressively, and in the 27th minute Rodrigo Moreno made a new strike that forced Sielsen to intervene decisively. In the 30th minute, however, Barcelona organized a rapid counterattack, and Messi released a space for a shot, then sent the ball dangerously close to the beam.

In the 44th minute, Luis Suarez received a penalty kick in the penalty area, but without any delay he was right in the keeper`s arms.

At half time in a game for Barca, Philippe Kouttinho appeared in place of Andre Gomes. The Brazilian played an excellent way in the game by profitsoccerpicks and in the 49th minute he opened the score. Then Luis Suarez advanced to the left and centered in the penalty area, where almost Kountinho managed to knock the ball into the net.

In the 53rd minute the ball found himself in Suarez in the penalty area and he tried to point it technically to the far corner of the door, but it did not succeed.

Valencia did not surrender and in the 56th minute the Congabbia shot went past the door. Barca, however, was close to a new goal after Messi broke in the 62nd minute, ricocheting in a defender and making it difficult for the goalkeeper.

There followed two positions for the `Bats`. In the 66th minute, Dzza`s center for Jose Gaia, who headed for the goal. A minute later, Lucyano Viei jumped into a shooting position, but shot down the door.

69 minutes into the match, a through pass by Ivan Rakichic could have resulted in the move for the goal.

In the 74th minute Valencia missed its best chance in the game. Carles Soler took his head for Jose Gaia in the goal field, but close he shoots straight into Silesian`s body.

In the 82nd minute the visitors stamped their success with a second goal. Luis Suarez stole the shotgun in the middle of the pitch and took Raquitich off the penalty box

Blog for profit soccer picks