Zlatan, Suarez, Neimar? No, Cavani chose another for a top-class teammate

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Striker Saint-Germain Essonne Cavani surprised many with his choice of who the best player he was once a teammate with.Uruguay pointed Marko Veratti, leaving behind players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Luis Suarez and Neimar.

Fans and the media believe that the skipping of Nei is not accidental and is the result of the tension between the two for the notorious penalty in the match from question for profit picks against Lyon.

With Neymar we talked and I told him what I was thinking about`Cavani told the Ovacion newspaper on the subject.`But I will not tell you more details, because these things must remain in the dressing room.I`m glad he wants to win the Golden Ball.This means he will aim to score many goals and achieve success with the PSG, which I want.

Otherwise, Cavani pointed out Giorgio Cielini as the strongest defender he was facing.Diego Maradona is his choice for player No. 1 in the history of football.

Blog for profit soccer picks