Japan is an option for Rafael Palmeiro in the absence of interest from MLB

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Hard at his intention to return to professional baseball at the age of 53, Rafael Palmeiro is already considering alternative options in the absence of interest in MLB clubs. The Cuban, who ended his career in the Premier League of the United States and Canada in 2005 after a positive doping test, said he was likely to be heading for Japan. `No one from the Major League has ever called me, I have no offer, maybe I will have to go to Japan, ` said the joke where the veteran with 3020 hits in his card, of which 569housewife.

The born on 24 September 1964 in Havana, Palmeiro, once again showed his current form with posts in the Twister. This time, under the No. 22 in the Amateur Draft in 1985, the former first basemaker published videos showing how he was batting in a cage.

It is clear from the captured monitor that the software calculates its strokes as virtual home runs over a distance of 330 feet (100 meters). `The speed of the bat comes, Swing feels great, ` says the commentary to one of the videos.

Asked if he thinks he can do so well in the real world, against a whole new generation of baseball players, Rafael Palmeiro demonstrates self-confidence. No matter who knows what has not changed in the game mentioned by question for profit picks I`m watching baseball every day and I see there may be a couple of guys throwing a bit stronger But I have long proved that I can hit a fast ball, and I`m not afraid of it, I just know I can do it, and if I can get it, I`ll prove it again. `

Blog for profit soccer picks