New heroism by Schalke 04

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Once again, this fall Schalke 04 showed character and slipped from an unstoppable situation and has remained without defeat since September. In their last fight for the year in the Bundesliga, the Royal Horsemans made it to 2:2 on their visit to Eintracht (Frankfurt), with the result that they lost to the 82nd minute by 0-2. In the fifth minute of the added time, Naldo - who scored 4:4 against Borussia (Dortmund) - managed to find the way to the net. At the same time, however, Bayern Munich won its 1-0 away match in Stuttgart and pulled 11 points to the top. Schalke now risks losing his second position if RB (Leipzig) and Bayer (Leverkusen) win their matches tomorrow.

Young coach Domenico Tedesco`s team took the lead and in the second minute it was lagging after Luka Jovic scored for 1:0.

The Gelsenkirchen team dominated, creating far more dangers, but the hosts were not underestimated.

In the 65th minute, Chance again smiled at Eintracht and Sebastien Aller rose to 2-0 with one of the most beautiful goals of the half-season. Schalke`s pressure, however, resulted in 82nd Brielle Embollo reminding himself of a 1:2 shot, and at the end Naldo set the tie in Frankfurt.

Both teams will finish the year with matches analyzed by soccer archive for the German Cup next week.



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