The `hammers` showed character, but they did not win again

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West Ham`s new manager David Moyes won the first point at the top of the team from London. The clubs analyzed by profitsoccerpicks made 1:1 home with Leicester but stayed in the relegation zone. Mark Albrighton opened for Leicester in the 8th minute, and at the end of the half-time Shakeu Koyatet leveled his head. After the break, West Ham dominated and missed some good positions, and the foxes did not organize any dangerous attack. The start again was bad for West Ham and in the 8th minute the team was awarded a goal. His author became Albright, who detected a low centering of Jamie Vardi. The main fault for the attack was Angelo Ogbona, who allowed the ball to pass between his legs, and then Jo Hart had nothing to do. In the middle of the half-time, Ugbona could make up for his mistake, but Kasper Schmeichel saved his head. The center of Leicester`s penal field continued to rain, and in one of these, the result was flattened. Who jumped highest after a corner played by Manuel Lansini and the desperate interference of Danny Simpson, who stood at goal, was not enough to prevent the 1-1 win. Earlier, Vardi could double the lead, but shot away from the door. Supported by their fans, Moyes`s players played a strong second half and were not far from the full turn. Leicester`s manager Claude Pueell has decided to defend his tie and to replace Ryad Marseil with another defender in Ben Chilwell. With the arrival of Andre Aue, the attack of the hammers gained the necessary speed and in the 75th minute the Ghanaian entered dangerously in the penalty area where he was stopped by Harry Maguire. The hosts requested a penalty but referee Martin Atkinson was in a different opinion.
Due to the many stops of the game, the game was extended for 6 minutes, and in the second one Aui turned out to be the center of the events. Former Olympic footballer Marseille and Swansea tried an attractive scissor kick, but the ball went a little over the crossbar and the hammers had to put up with the point. West Ham has been without a win since September, and with a 10-point asset, it is ranked 18th. Leicester has 4 points more and is 11th in the standings.





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