Higuain relies on his talent too much

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The big star of Juventus Gonzalo Higuain had a tendency to hide in some of the practices of his former Napoli team, since he clearly realized that he is more talented than the others and rely too much on it.

That recognition was made by his former physical training coach of the team from Naples, Corrado Saccone, who is currently in the Albanian Partizani Tirana.

`I think that Gonzalo is one of the most talented players in the world, he is a real champion!`, commented the expert quoted by the Online edition `Football Italy`.

`I have seen great players not only in Napoli, but also in Italian football, but I have never seen someone to own such a great talent like him!`

`I think that Gonzalo knows what kind of talent he has, but at the same time I think he relies too much on it and sometimes he does not give 100% of himself in the training with the team!`

`I would like to say, however, that he is not lazy!`

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