Lewandowski again skipped the topic of expensive transfers to Bayern

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Michael Lewandowski, who has become indispensable for Bayern (Munich), once again commented on the topic of transfers to the club. He recently expressed his disappointment that the leadership did not attract big stars, with which the team is lagging behind in the stronger competition of the wealthy clubs in Europe.

Let`s not be fooled. Each team needs a new top player every two or three years to add class. Right now, we have a good team but, as we know, players are getting older, Leva said, quoted by Reuters.

The recent injury to the Pole, accompanied by Thomas Muller`s injury, left Yup Hainkes without any central striker, and so was the omission in the transfer policy of the Bavarians. I had a slight injury. At the same time, however, others were sick, which meant I did not have the opportunity to rest. Sometimes missing a fight or even 20-30 minutes less at an appointment means a lot - that is, still be in normal condition. Perhaps my injury is the result analyzed by profitsoccerpicks of not having to rest, the five-time Bundesliga champion continued.

Leva also took into account the great growth of his teammate Yoshua Kimih. So far, we have succeeded in replacing the aging stars. Kimih, who is really excellent in his new role, has shown that a young man can be a worthy successor of such an experienced and outstanding footballer as Philippe Laam, the Allianz Arena giant said.

Blog for profit soccer picks