Jazz writes a story, and Valencia is unstoppable

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The outstanding series of Simone Dzazza this season continued in today`s Valencia vs. Alaska match of the 10th round of the Primera Division. The Italian striker scored the first goal of the 2-1 victory, the interesting one being his eighth goal from his last eight accurate shots in the door.

This is the sixth consecutive victory for bats, with which they are the best team at the moment. With this success Valencia ensures that it will face the next round in second position, as the third Real Madrid is 4 points. Barcelona leader has one more, but it`s also less. And while the statistics sounded great, it was not the Marseillo game. The Alayes hosts played their strongest match since the start of the season, and only the defeat deprived them of the draw.

Jazz opened in the 34th minute, and Mendisorosa met the equalizer in the 49th when Alexis Ruano was right. Then Alayes continued to beat his rival, but in the 66th minute Rodrigo Elli played with his hand in his penalty area and Rodrigo Moreno realized the penalty kick.

Alayes already has 9 losses in 10 matches analyzed by live soccer streams and is in the penultimate place.



Blog for profit soccer picks